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Thursday 11 August 2016

Simply Being. The power and the grace of the Three Principles

British Summertime?
Summertime Blues?

Fluctating weather.
Fluctuating states of mind? Heat wave on it's way! What gives you hope?

What thoughts and realities can we conjure whilst reading that phrase? British Summertime.

Sea sand and laughter; barbecue flavours; hot sunshine, mown grass? The gentle fall of rain for five days in a row?

Is your day full of laughter and sunshine? Or is it grey and rainy? Perhaps you are even too busy to notice?

I was recently reflecting on my expectations of the summertime, my expectations of future , future work, future home, and just how much store I could have put into this.

Syd Banks, offers solace in the face of adversity. In his book "The Missing Link" Lone Pine Publishers, Syd says:

"All human behaviour and social structures on earth are formed via Mind, Consciousness and Thought."

With an understanding of this inborn potential for well being and resilience, and a greater grasp of the way my mind works, guided by these three principles, I realise that whenever I try to shape a future in detail I am lost in my thinking instead.
When adding too many 'Anni' criteria to create some 'thing', then my summertime does indeed become 'a thing', set in stone and already set up for disappointment. It's design feels rigid and outside in, something to be attained over there, and hence maybe even impossible.

The infinite potential lies elsewhere.

Something greater than I am is far better at infinite design, infinite creativity.

The nature of life is designed by an infinite source of natural intelligence, far greater than any of us.
How do I know this?
The design or intelligence of life is so apparent in new babies and the miracle of birth. It is apparent in nature- trees from seeds, the tides, the night sky, the mystery of the planets, the science of gravity. And so much more.

My own true nature is the place where I find the wisdom, for wisdom comes from Truth.
Truth is unwavering, not given to mood swings or ill feelings. And definitely not the weather!
Truth is neutral and infinite. Unaltered by the summer weather, unaltered by my personal designs and criteria- it just flows with the intelligence of life.

In those moments when I find a gentle space to slow down and take off the mantle of carer, worker, creator of the seemingly hard to do- I am peaceful, neutral and aware of the beauty surrounding me.

The leaves drip with misty rain, a bee hides in a flower trumpet; a blackbird tugs at a garden worm and falls sideways. I slow down and notice and I see everyday miracles and not the cluttered content of my thinking.
       Simply Being. The power and the grace of the Three Principles                              


Sunday 21 June 2015

A coach in every school

A 3P Coach in every school…mental health for all.

A coach in every school for children and youth to aspire and hold their dreams and try them out
I work in schools across the North of England and I constantly hear of concerns for children's well being. Sometimes families are stretched to capacity or are cash poor, employment stark and really struggling. Where school could fill that gap, schools now have to juggle test results with providing family support to enable children to succeed. In those families with intense needs, specialist professions and their service provision are in short supply. IMAGINE... a child in need of someone to notice their dreams, no matter how small a spark...
I want to know how passionate you are … about helping children
I want to know if and why you are … 

I want to know what drew you to this dream –to have a coach in every school.

For me, it is laughter in every heart, sharing an understanding of the way we stay in great shape mentally. An understanding of our thinking and the way we can create our lives- the infinite possibilities of childhood , a child's right to understand that they can access mental well being at any time at all and that this is already within them.

True BUZZ Coaching for Children & Youth is like a stem cell, embryonic, the beginning of an idea pointing to truth, to wisdom in the heart of all schools. It symbolises an opportunity to the synergy of life and the place of infinite possibility. It is a’ moving toward’ motion … moving toward a different way of being in the classroom, in learning and exploring. An understanding of the inside out nature of the way we are

It is a place to explore, get down, dive deep, and be as curious as ANY child or student can be with a greater awareness of this understanding. A place and time where mistakes are signposts towards growth. It is an infinite invitation to touch the essence of humanity from the earliest school days to the last.  It is a redefining of school and of education from a tiny spark of possibility towards sublime freedom to learn. To truly learn about our being and invite an understanding of our mind.

HOW? As 3P facilitators and coaches we need to grab the narrow spotlight beam focusing only on one part of a child's education and swing it completely full circle, a full 360 degrees worth… lighting young lives and expanding all the way across the globe.  Would you like to know more?
Please contact me through my web page

A young teenager Ardora ( says it is:

“…imperative to create opportunities for children so they can blow us away”


A young teenager Ardora ( says it is:

“…imperative to create opportunities for children so they can blow us away”

Monday 9 February 2015

#HER A Graceful Revolution in Education is Rising!

I want to create a revolution!


An education revolution!

An inspiring education revolution.

What does to educate mean to you? What was your experience of e d u c a t i o n?


I love to learn - to explore and investigate. I am naturally inquisitive as we all are.

 I grew up in a local education system where girls were not allowed to learn physics. We did needlework and I was so furious at this ban that I took it out on my sewing abilities and I won a prize! I later taught myself physics because I had a Dad who supported me from his own knowledge and a Mum who took me to the library. This was my education at home. I became a teacher because I am passionate about learning and discovering. 

This isn't a rant or rail against the whole of our education 'system' each and every one of us could do that. Whether you are a parent, teacher, leader, governor, or policy maker, or pupil...each of us could list negative aspects of what went wrong and is still wrong. I have friends who educate their children at home; friends whose children do not match the current model of their peers and are labelled or diagnosed. I am a teacher. I find this imposed conformity to a politically set agenda like quick sand. Dangerous, particularly with the incoming tide.

This is not a war cry. It is a call to create T B E S I T W


 The Best Education System in the Whole Wide World, for our kids today.


We could start by gathering together. Sharing our hopes. Supporting this cause.

We already know what we don't want (we don't want to continue with this outdated industrial revolution mechanical system or a politically compliant system- jumping through inspection hoops; nor do we applaud the current heavily focused  test driven system, teaching pass or fail.) We want to allow our professionals in the classroom the space to explore with kids.

What we do want is a creative open WORLD CLASS system where individuality is encouraged; where learning  EXPLORES, INVESTIGATES, CREATES great thinking, CREATES great world class kids ...AND... invites only WORLD CLASS TEACHERS who love their job and are allowed to get on with exploring in the classroom.

In the words of Sir John Jones we are at the threshold of great change WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE 'Threshold Adventurers'. In the UK we have a new curriculum allowing us to be more creative. A new curriculum almost set up to fail because the political focus remains firmly on tests. Such tests narrow down our curriculum lending higher importance to 3 core subjects. I love science- it's my passion. I might scrape through this narrow testing and it would prove statistically well for the government. What about my passion, my aptitude. Would I have become a headteacher had the curriculum been so narrow in my primary school? I wanted to be an astronaut then. When I was ten, I had dreams not test scores

We need to rally together with our positivity- our mind sets of possibility through you as great parents; your great kids and through visionary professionals; together we can raise the volume and transform this educational straight jacket into creative freedom. We need a radical new focus upon the things that matter most, creativity, individualism and the best possible opportunities for learning. Together we can be the one energy to shift the focus to a new more organic paradigm

I love the work of Sir Ken Robinson, a true visionary, delivering a clear message of the need for a revolutionary movement in education TODAY.

We want to be able to personalise our curriculum for the children we teach and for the leaders who inspire. WE have such diversity of talent in our places of learning; we have different aptitudes and passions to ignite our spirit. These are becoming lost in a world of testing and a focus on results. Testing must be diagnostic and not a way to divide our children into pass or fail. "A three year old is not half a six year old!" Quoted Sir Ken. Teachers chose this as a creative vocation- they are stifled or tired. Do we want our teachers to be under par in the classroom?

  Every school is unique; every school is creative. Children deserve to have room for their hope and dreams. Let's rally together online and create one voice-calling for a new educational paradigm- a different focus than just testing.


It is time to allow professionals to truly run their schools as the nurseries of great talent and for Ofsted to support and challenge this creativity championing the child not just the data. It's time to turn on the faucet and see the return of a full flow. The flow of passion for learning professionally supported not politically straight jacketed.

Sir Ken talks of us changing metaphor...

...From an industrial manufacturing model based on conformity and linearity, to an organic approach (like farming). Where children and young people can flourish because schools can create the right conditions for growth.

Let's start the organic revolution in education. We can take this to our politicians and tell them we want to have a change of paradigm, a radical shift in educational thinking.

Are you in?

#HER (help education rise) if you agree


Sunday 25 January 2015

Parlour Post #the cycle of love

Point zero is a place of none existence. An omnipotent reference perhaps? Is this where that greater intelligence exists, or is existence already beyond the point?

Children have a love that is wholly unconditional. Their point zero. They are pure love... until we take this love and mould it within our belief. We change it little by little as a sculptor would with their creation, the child is also becoming our creation and not their true self.

It is in misunderstanding how much we affect that small life as parents, teachers, doctors, bus drivers, that we create such an impact...when was the last time you smiled at a child for no reason?

When we search into the azure blue of a winter sky, striped and dashed with vapour trails, what do we see? Do we see the beauty, the gift of atmosphere, the wonder of flight-or just sky? Every morning I wake and throw open my bedroom window to remind myself of the world of miracles. Everyday 'ordinary miracles' as Michael Neill names them. The miracle of light and bird song; the miracle of trees, birds, the movement and feel of air. Just in that moment I am the sculptor, the creator of my day. The point zero. And I am grateful to have reached a moment to see this beauty and to feel the excitement of its opportunity.

Children experience the miracle of every second from this place. They wonder. They investigate. They explore with an open heart and eyes like saucers. They receive the most views when posted online because of their innocence and unconditional love.

Later they are seasoned, taught duality; taught conditionally; taught to fear. All in the name of love and safety. Can we teach from conditional love?


When was the last time you smiled at a child for no reason?


A quote from
If this were the last second you had any guarantee of, what would you be doing?
Why aren't you doing that?
This is the only second we have.
Please remember you are loved without condition!

Thursday 13 November 2014

What's going on ?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a new step on my journey. I shared my understanding of The Three Principles, Mind Thought  and Consciousness. I was with a small group of dedicated professionals - teachers who explore with some of the world's greatest philosophers, our children.

As I shared my stories of discovery and practice I remembered a young ten year old boy with the spirit and courage of a lion in spite of his circumstances. I first met Thomas ( name changed) in assembly. Thomas had a difficult life at home and felt safest from the top rung of the wall bars, where he shouted and swore, entertaining the other kids.I saw his pain underneath his veil of clown. Beyond the veil of pain was another angry one and beyond that one of fear. Eventually Thomas the ten year old showed up in a most unexpected way. After spending time in this small Lancashire primary school with the children, with some of their parents and their community I discovered a unity of  bold strength. I went into assembly again and smiled at Thomas in his crow"s nest. He smirked shyly back checking around to see if his softness had been spotted. He was safe and he relaxed into a mild shout. 

The whole assembly hall was full of hundreds of children who ignored the shouting and we got on with singing and exploring for fifteen minutes. Then from the corner of my eye I saw Thomas climbing down to join us. He was the last to leave and as he walked by he lifted his head and said,
"S'good that miss,," 

I cried softly back in the staff room.

You see Mind works through with and from us. 
Sometimes our thinking projects a reality that ia made up. Then we look for ways to validate that reality. Thomas was validating his fears and pain, brought about by cruel parenting, from a high safe-to-him crow's nest. When he experienced trust and love through our connection he became more open to new thinking.

Last night I didn't" t tell Thomas" s story. I told some stories of me and later I quietly asked Mind how to connect with my next group of teachers. The answer came through Thomas. 

However I share this beautiful work in the schools in this land I know Mind has my back and I can let go and just be.

To all the teachers your biggest gift to children is to model how to listen with nothing on your mind and if you aren't sure about this then pop to my website where there is a short Vimeo clip.

In love and service 

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Life in the fast lane

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you feel stuck in over worrying, overwhelm or overwork? Sometimes when we try hard to achieve a specific outcome it seems to become more and more elusive to us. We drive ourselves faster and faster. That's because when we are lost in our thinking we are less resilient or purposeful.  We try harder, dig our heels in and continue to berate ourselves.
Meanwhile old habits kick in making you doubt and better doubt yourself. As these insecure thoughts play out in our minds like a brass band,  we give them so much more attention, creating a thought storm of thought habits or a deep mental rut that distracts each of us to our own detriment. Sometimes this over thinking becomes a fear or arouses some anxiety which eventually takes its toll and will either affects our performance, or at worst affect relationships.

I had the privilege of coaching a CEO over a time, listening to his lament of how busy and fast life was and as he described every detail of all the things (and all the people) that irritated him I listened.  (I have heard similar stories from social workers, teachers and parents I have coached). You see listening and not being caught up in another person's thinking - or your own, listening with nothing at all on your mind is crucial. There is nothing calmer than another person being fully present to you. Not a colluding presence agreeing and joining in with a person's thinking, but as one who hears between the spaces of the words quietly. It is as if time slows down and a deep simple feeling of connection occurs. You tune into the other person. In this reflective space your own inner common sense or wisdom can be heard. When I first listened to  the CEO I caught myself thinking "Poor guy" and smiled inwardly as I realised I was getting caught up in HIS thinking instead of pointing back to his inner truth. You see this is the beauty of the Three Principles, it is an inner journey- there is nothing new to learn, no theory to overlay, merely an understanding of how thinking creates our reality from the inside out. Once we realise that it is not external circumstances driving us, not other people or different circumstances,  it is merely our inner thinking creating our personal reality. It's us! WE are the horse not the cart, we are the driver not the car!

Another time I was coaching a young woman who was in complete overwhelm and hardly drew breath for the first fifteen minutes. Thoughts spilled out from her mind like an effervescent drink. As I pointed out her that her mind was full -without space for new thinking to refresh her common sense, she reflected for just one simple moment and it was long enough for her to laugh and to take time to hear her own wisdom. She was playing out a belief from her younger self, one that her Mum also had. This belief brought fear and anxiety about 'doing everything properly' and in not knowing what properly was (she had  previously assigned the understanding to the grown ups) she lived out this made up thinking reality. Once this young woman was still enough to reflect and to hear her own wisdom pointing to the truth that this was not her, her eyes lit up. We then had a powerful discussion of her new reality, with reflection time. From this clearer thinking more resilient place she created a new dream.

Let me share a little of how our mind works and how we could take our foot off the gas and slow things down more. Slowing things down creates ease and clarity. It points us to our true self and uncovers the innate well being we all have. When we experience thoughts we are creating our own reality, projecting  and re-projecting out into our lives. We live in the feeling of our thinking and these old stuck thought beliefs project on to our screen like a movie channel or gold channel on sky tv. This mental projection plays out really well in relationships and in the work place. The good news is that we can change channels and the simplicity of the three principles, that innate wisdom that occurs when we understand that we CAN change channels. From wisdom we are clear and purposeful once more. The beauty of this work is that the principles are an inherent part of our human experience, there is nothing to do...nothing to learn and all to experience.

ease the

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Hope for Africa! Thank you to St James CE Primary School, Wardle, Rochdale.

A HUGE thank you to Miss Catherine Aden, Headteacher and her stunning children and parents of St James CE Primary school!

Hope in our hearts

The children of Becky School Firestone Liberia will receive a cheque for the sum of £500 to help to purchase vital school equipment.

Miss Aden told the children how proud she was of their own efforts to provide for other children around the world. Parents in attendance at the end of year presentation assembly clapped and cheered loudly.

I was lucky enough to give a small thank you talk and to share some photos of Becky School, of Kimmie Weeks (Youth Action International/ Peace4kids) and of Spryte Loriano- another woman who has dedicated her life to humanitarian causes- just like Cath Aden!

with love from Anni and Harry xx