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Sunday, 21 June 2015

A coach in every school

A 3P Coach in every school…mental health for all.

A coach in every school for children and youth to aspire and hold their dreams and try them out
I work in schools across the North of England and I constantly hear of concerns for children's well being. Sometimes families are stretched to capacity or are cash poor, employment stark and really struggling. Where school could fill that gap, schools now have to juggle test results with providing family support to enable children to succeed. In those families with intense needs, specialist professions and their service provision are in short supply. IMAGINE... a child in need of someone to notice their dreams, no matter how small a spark...
I want to know how passionate you are … about helping children
I want to know if and why you are … 

I want to know what drew you to this dream –to have a coach in every school.

For me, it is laughter in every heart, sharing an understanding of the way we stay in great shape mentally. An understanding of our thinking and the way we can create our lives- the infinite possibilities of childhood , a child's right to understand that they can access mental well being at any time at all and that this is already within them.

True BUZZ Coaching for Children & Youth is like a stem cell, embryonic, the beginning of an idea pointing to truth, to wisdom in the heart of all schools. It symbolises an opportunity to the synergy of life and the place of infinite possibility. It is a’ moving toward’ motion … moving toward a different way of being in the classroom, in learning and exploring. An understanding of the inside out nature of the way we are

It is a place to explore, get down, dive deep, and be as curious as ANY child or student can be with a greater awareness of this understanding. A place and time where mistakes are signposts towards growth. It is an infinite invitation to touch the essence of humanity from the earliest school days to the last.  It is a redefining of school and of education from a tiny spark of possibility towards sublime freedom to learn. To truly learn about our being and invite an understanding of our mind.

HOW? As 3P facilitators and coaches we need to grab the narrow spotlight beam focusing only on one part of a child's education and swing it completely full circle, a full 360 degrees worth… lighting young lives and expanding all the way across the globe.  Would you like to know more?
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A young teenager Ardora ( says it is:

“…imperative to create opportunities for children so they can blow us away”


A young teenager Ardora ( says it is:

“…imperative to create opportunities for children so they can blow us away”

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