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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Simply Being. The power and the grace of the Three Principles

British Summertime?
Summertime Blues?

Fluctating weather.
Fluctuating states of mind? Heat wave on it's way! What gives you hope?

What thoughts and realities can we conjure whilst reading that phrase? British Summertime.

Sea sand and laughter; barbecue flavours; hot sunshine, mown grass? The gentle fall of rain for five days in a row?

Is your day full of laughter and sunshine? Or is it grey and rainy? Perhaps you are even too busy to notice?

I was recently reflecting on my expectations of the summertime, my expectations of future , future work, future home, and just how much store I could have put into this.

Syd Banks, offers solace in the face of adversity. In his book "The Missing Link" Lone Pine Publishers, Syd says:

"All human behaviour and social structures on earth are formed via Mind, Consciousness and Thought."

With an understanding of this inborn potential for well being and resilience, and a greater grasp of the way my mind works, guided by these three principles, I realise that whenever I try to shape a future in detail I am lost in my thinking instead.
When adding too many 'Anni' criteria to create some 'thing', then my summertime does indeed become 'a thing', set in stone and already set up for disappointment. It's design feels rigid and outside in, something to be attained over there, and hence maybe even impossible.

The infinite potential lies elsewhere.

Something greater than I am is far better at infinite design, infinite creativity.

The nature of life is designed by an infinite source of natural intelligence, far greater than any of us.
How do I know this?
The design or intelligence of life is so apparent in new babies and the miracle of birth. It is apparent in nature- trees from seeds, the tides, the night sky, the mystery of the planets, the science of gravity. And so much more.

My own true nature is the place where I find the wisdom, for wisdom comes from Truth.
Truth is unwavering, not given to mood swings or ill feelings. And definitely not the weather!
Truth is neutral and infinite. Unaltered by the summer weather, unaltered by my personal designs and criteria- it just flows with the intelligence of life.

In those moments when I find a gentle space to slow down and take off the mantle of carer, worker, creator of the seemingly hard to do- I am peaceful, neutral and aware of the beauty surrounding me.

The leaves drip with misty rain, a bee hides in a flower trumpet; a blackbird tugs at a garden worm and falls sideways. I slow down and notice and I see everyday miracles and not the cluttered content of my thinking.
       Simply Being. The power and the grace of the Three Principles                              


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