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Monday, 9 February 2015

#HER A Graceful Revolution in Education is Rising!

I want to create a revolution!


An education revolution!

An inspiring education revolution.

What does to educate mean to you? What was your experience of e d u c a t i o n?


I love to learn - to explore and investigate. I am naturally inquisitive as we all are.

 I grew up in a local education system where girls were not allowed to learn physics. We did needlework and I was so furious at this ban that I took it out on my sewing abilities and I won a prize! I later taught myself physics because I had a Dad who supported me from his own knowledge and a Mum who took me to the library. This was my education at home. I became a teacher because I am passionate about learning and discovering. 

This isn't a rant or rail against the whole of our education 'system' each and every one of us could do that. Whether you are a parent, teacher, leader, governor, or policy maker, or pupil...each of us could list negative aspects of what went wrong and is still wrong. I have friends who educate their children at home; friends whose children do not match the current model of their peers and are labelled or diagnosed. I am a teacher. I find this imposed conformity to a politically set agenda like quick sand. Dangerous, particularly with the incoming tide.

This is not a war cry. It is a call to create T B E S I T W


 The Best Education System in the Whole Wide World, for our kids today.


We could start by gathering together. Sharing our hopes. Supporting this cause.

We already know what we don't want (we don't want to continue with this outdated industrial revolution mechanical system or a politically compliant system- jumping through inspection hoops; nor do we applaud the current heavily focused  test driven system, teaching pass or fail.) We want to allow our professionals in the classroom the space to explore with kids.

What we do want is a creative open WORLD CLASS system where individuality is encouraged; where learning  EXPLORES, INVESTIGATES, CREATES great thinking, CREATES great world class kids ...AND... invites only WORLD CLASS TEACHERS who love their job and are allowed to get on with exploring in the classroom.

In the words of Sir John Jones we are at the threshold of great change WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE 'Threshold Adventurers'. In the UK we have a new curriculum allowing us to be more creative. A new curriculum almost set up to fail because the political focus remains firmly on tests. Such tests narrow down our curriculum lending higher importance to 3 core subjects. I love science- it's my passion. I might scrape through this narrow testing and it would prove statistically well for the government. What about my passion, my aptitude. Would I have become a headteacher had the curriculum been so narrow in my primary school? I wanted to be an astronaut then. When I was ten, I had dreams not test scores

We need to rally together with our positivity- our mind sets of possibility through you as great parents; your great kids and through visionary professionals; together we can raise the volume and transform this educational straight jacket into creative freedom. We need a radical new focus upon the things that matter most, creativity, individualism and the best possible opportunities for learning. Together we can be the one energy to shift the focus to a new more organic paradigm

I love the work of Sir Ken Robinson, a true visionary, delivering a clear message of the need for a revolutionary movement in education TODAY.

We want to be able to personalise our curriculum for the children we teach and for the leaders who inspire. WE have such diversity of talent in our places of learning; we have different aptitudes and passions to ignite our spirit. These are becoming lost in a world of testing and a focus on results. Testing must be diagnostic and not a way to divide our children into pass or fail. "A three year old is not half a six year old!" Quoted Sir Ken. Teachers chose this as a creative vocation- they are stifled or tired. Do we want our teachers to be under par in the classroom?

  Every school is unique; every school is creative. Children deserve to have room for their hope and dreams. Let's rally together online and create one voice-calling for a new educational paradigm- a different focus than just testing.


It is time to allow professionals to truly run their schools as the nurseries of great talent and for Ofsted to support and challenge this creativity championing the child not just the data. It's time to turn on the faucet and see the return of a full flow. The flow of passion for learning professionally supported not politically straight jacketed.

Sir Ken talks of us changing metaphor...

...From an industrial manufacturing model based on conformity and linearity, to an organic approach (like farming). Where children and young people can flourish because schools can create the right conditions for growth.

Let's start the organic revolution in education. We can take this to our politicians and tell them we want to have a change of paradigm, a radical shift in educational thinking.

Are you in?

#HER (help education rise) if you agree


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