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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Parlour Post #the cycle of love

Point zero is a place of none existence. An omnipotent reference perhaps? Is this where that greater intelligence exists, or is existence already beyond the point?

Children have a love that is wholly unconditional. Their point zero. They are pure love... until we take this love and mould it within our belief. We change it little by little as a sculptor would with their creation, the child is also becoming our creation and not their true self.

It is in misunderstanding how much we affect that small life as parents, teachers, doctors, bus drivers, that we create such an impact...when was the last time you smiled at a child for no reason?

When we search into the azure blue of a winter sky, striped and dashed with vapour trails, what do we see? Do we see the beauty, the gift of atmosphere, the wonder of flight-or just sky? Every morning I wake and throw open my bedroom window to remind myself of the world of miracles. Everyday 'ordinary miracles' as Michael Neill names them. The miracle of light and bird song; the miracle of trees, birds, the movement and feel of air. Just in that moment I am the sculptor, the creator of my day. The point zero. And I am grateful to have reached a moment to see this beauty and to feel the excitement of its opportunity.

Children experience the miracle of every second from this place. They wonder. They investigate. They explore with an open heart and eyes like saucers. They receive the most views when posted online because of their innocence and unconditional love.

Later they are seasoned, taught duality; taught conditionally; taught to fear. All in the name of love and safety. Can we teach from conditional love?


When was the last time you smiled at a child for no reason?


A quote from
If this were the last second you had any guarantee of, what would you be doing?
Why aren't you doing that?
This is the only second we have.
Please remember you are loved without condition!

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