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Thursday, 13 November 2014

What's going on ?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a new step on my journey. I shared my understanding of The Three Principles, Mind Thought  and Consciousness. I was with a small group of dedicated professionals - teachers who explore with some of the world's greatest philosophers, our children.

As I shared my stories of discovery and practice I remembered a young ten year old boy with the spirit and courage of a lion in spite of his circumstances. I first met Thomas ( name changed) in assembly. Thomas had a difficult life at home and felt safest from the top rung of the wall bars, where he shouted and swore, entertaining the other kids.I saw his pain underneath his veil of clown. Beyond the veil of pain was another angry one and beyond that one of fear. Eventually Thomas the ten year old showed up in a most unexpected way. After spending time in this small Lancashire primary school with the children, with some of their parents and their community I discovered a unity of  bold strength. I went into assembly again and smiled at Thomas in his crow"s nest. He smirked shyly back checking around to see if his softness had been spotted. He was safe and he relaxed into a mild shout. 

The whole assembly hall was full of hundreds of children who ignored the shouting and we got on with singing and exploring for fifteen minutes. Then from the corner of my eye I saw Thomas climbing down to join us. He was the last to leave and as he walked by he lifted his head and said,
"S'good that miss,," 

I cried softly back in the staff room.

You see Mind works through with and from us. 
Sometimes our thinking projects a reality that ia made up. Then we look for ways to validate that reality. Thomas was validating his fears and pain, brought about by cruel parenting, from a high safe-to-him crow's nest. When he experienced trust and love through our connection he became more open to new thinking.

Last night I didn't" t tell Thomas" s story. I told some stories of me and later I quietly asked Mind how to connect with my next group of teachers. The answer came through Thomas. 

However I share this beautiful work in the schools in this land I know Mind has my back and I can let go and just be.

To all the teachers your biggest gift to children is to model how to listen with nothing on your mind and if you aren't sure about this then pop to my website where there is a short Vimeo clip.

In love and service 

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