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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Harry raises $450 dollars with Mrs Foster and Whitefield Primary School!

Dear Children of Becky School


My name is Harry and I am 8 years old. My Grandma, Anni Poole, came to visit you in Africa and I wanted to help to raise money for your school. I made a video appeal  (


So next I started an appeal in my school and my headteacher Mrs Foster helped me. It was cool.

We went around all the classes telling them all about how your school needed lots of equipment. All the kids listened really listened.


Then my Grandma came into school and led an assembly to show pictures of Becky School and your beautiful country, so that our school could understand a little piece more.

So we held a special Africa day of fun and came in our own clothes! It was really cool and now everyone knows my Grandma as Anni and I am proud to be helping her and especially to be helping you. I raised £266 English pounds or $450 dollars with the help of my friends. My Grandma and Mum are really proud of me.


I would really like to help you to buy a computer one day.I hope you have some great chances in your school cos I do in mine. Mar says Mr and Mrs Wiseh are lovely people.


Lots of love


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