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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Looking to Source. A prayer for the stuck places in our world.

Just now in this world there are so many misunderstandings, of war, of disease, of life.

In our own small piece of this world we too can experience misunderstandings and feel alone and separate until we reconnect with our own inner guidance, our wisdom, our source.

Often we forget about the source of our experience and we make it personal, very personal. Our thoughts layer one upon another camouflaging our own innate well being and our ego keeps us still and small or afraid and in victim. We are at the shoreline with our heavy boat and we cannot see the incoming tide that will carry us to safety. So we push the heavy burden, push and push. And ego laughs at our feeble efforts whilst we try and try and try harder still. last, the flow of the incoming tide lifts our heavy boat and carries it effortlessly forward with ease and grace. We forget about the problems we created and now we can stay in the flow of a greater creation, we are connected to that greater intelligence, the source of all life, once more.

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