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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hi Anni

My two boys Leo 11 and Joseph 9 have been in their element tonight putting clothes and books into a large box, ready to bring in for you next week.  They fully understand as we have often done the shoe box appeal for school.  Leo has put in some car books and horrible histories and Joseph has put in his Captain Underpant books along with a onesie and some jeans that he can no longer squeeze into, and a couple of pairs of shoes.  I have popped in lots of toiletries.  It’s just so nice to be giving something to such a wonderful cause and it is most definitely you and your team who will be taking the goods out there that have the hearts of gold!!

I will leave them in your office on Thursday & will see you soon.

Love Lesley xxx 
Lesley Leo and Joseph are making a difference and leaving their legacy.
Thank you all for your HUGE hearts.

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