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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Here's where the story begins....

Every story starts somewhere, mine began in teaching. This isn't a blog about teaching, this is a blog about a teacher who started a new chapter, one that is taking her to Africa to make a difference to thousands of children's lives in Liberia.

My name is Anni, and after years of being a headteacher I decided it was time to widen my skills and help more people. I have been all over America, training with the very best life coaches to build on the skills I already have during my career. It was on one of these courses that I was invited by Rich Litvin an international transformational coach of high repute.I was invited on this special adventure to share my years of education and coaching experience to make a difference to Liberian youth, 600 primary children and 400 teachers in Liberia.

You can imagine my emotions, wow what an offer! But can I really do it? I know I have the skills to make a real difference and the challenge to prepare for this journey starts today. So the story begins at Becky School. A building only half finished by local contractors, leaving the children to be educated in a half finished shell. Without chairs or desks, books paper or pens. Theses children are Liberia's future. The future of a post civil war country. One whose people, including children, suffered unspeakable atrocities?
 The stories of suffering from these children, now young adults, are such that most of you couldn't bear to read, so haven't they all been through enough? They need SO LITTLE to give them a life chance.

Myself and the team I am joining will not only be helping complete the building of the school, we will also deliver fresh water kits out into rural Liberia and we will be working to coach and empower the children and teachers from this community and the surrounding area. 
Our mission? We hope we are leaving a life changing legacy to create a brighter future. We can't do this alone.
Come and see how you can help...

You can read more about our mission, and how you can support it here Life list Africa: Building Becky School and I hope you will all follow me in my journey and share it with others.

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